Identity Crisis?


With the characteristically deflective wording worthy of a Communist party press release, the coterie of pen pushers who delight in the generation of red tape at Scouting Ireland announced in a letter on October 16th to members that ‘it has been decided’ to introduce a Scouting Ireland membership card’. A bizarrely worded justification appeared a few days later on the website

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A life less Ordinary

Scouting Ireland will replace over half of its National Management Committee at its National Council meeting in early 2015. Theirishscouter, as part of an occasional series in the coming months, seeks to explore the various roles up for election, question their purpose and ask about the attributes needed in candidates seeking success.



On Scouting Ireland’s National Management Committee, which is also the Board of Scouting Ireland Limited, it could be argued that all twenty of the directors are non-executive, since all twenty are volunteers.

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Is relevance connected to good governance?




I’ve been thinking a lot lately about transparency and governance in the youth organisations which are having a big impact on Irish society, particularly those which are focusing on the needs of young adults. If you have a similar interest (!), it is worth looking at this page on the SpunOut website.

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