Missing the bus?


Scouting has become a follower of societal trends, rather than a setter of them.

The Irish Times this morning carries a report from the United States that the Boy Scouts of America has signaled that it will now welcome gay adults as members into its organization of 3 million plus members across the country.

It is a welcome development, coming as it does on top of an earlier acceptance that young people under the age of 18 who are gay, can join.

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Should Scouting do more for other people?

Deir el Qamar

Theirishscouter found himself a mere 15km from the Lebanese/Syrian border for a few days last week on business. High in the hills above Beirut, the scenery was breath taking, the weather was cool and the atmosphere was most agreeable. The architect designed house had porcelain mugs and nespresso on tap. The sleepy local village sported a ‘Scouts de Liban’ poster for some sort of forthcoming community event. Superannuated Renault 12’s and Series 3 Land Rovers jostled with bonneted trucks, designed in the 1930’s for a space on the pot-holed road.

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