A new chapter for Scouting in Ireland


On September 12th, a venerable but directionless national entity, its very purpose called into question by its members and with many of its glories seemingly behind it, engaged in an election to choose a future leader. The rank outsider managed to secure victory in a bitterly contested four-candidate race. The future success of the organization now arguably hangs in the balance…..
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NMC Numbers Up


By Steve Cull

There is no greater lie than a statistic.

Anyone who has ever written a report knows that you can manipulate facts and figures to make whatever point you want. Inclusion or omission of certain data can serve whatever devious ends you can dream up. That said, there is a time and place for looking at the numbers and seeing what arises. Let’s see what a quick analysis of the make-up of the National Management Committee since 2004 throws up.

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Who Patrol’s the Fellowship Patrols?


A transparency questionnaire …

1. In Scouting Ireland to date how many National Officers have been members of a fellowship patrol during their term of office?

2. How many employees in Scouting Ireland and its subsidiaries are in a fellowship patrol?

3. How many NMC members since 2004 have been a member of a fellowship patrol whilst in office?

4. Do some fellowship patrols count among their membership both employees and volunteer directors of Scouting Ireland?

5. Would this scenario be likely to present any challenges in terms of optics for stakeholders inside (and outside) Scouting Ireland?

6. What implications would it have for transparency in Scouting Ireland, (a registered charity funded by member subscriptions and government grants)?

7. Is there any reason to believe that conflicts of interest may arise from time to time and what measures might be in place to manage those conflicts of interest?

And what exactly IS a fellowship patrol?

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