The function of funsize


The role of youth members on the National Management Committee

The youthful team who appear to have been central to the recent success of the bid for Ireland to host the World Rover Moot in 2021 were a breath of fresh air in what can often look like a somewhat jaded leadership line up in Scouting Ireland with many faces that seem to have been hogging National Roles for decades.

Conspicuous among the youthful team were some occupants of National youth positions, including the ‘yoof’ section of the National Management Committee (those members aged 26 and under at time of election).

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Identity Crisis?


With the characteristically deflective wording worthy of a Communist party press release, the coterie of pen pushers who delight in the generation of red tape at Scouting Ireland announced in a letter on October 16th to members that ‘it has been decided’ to introduce a Scouting Ireland membership card’. A bizarrely worded justification appeared a few days later on the website

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