uncharted waters


Following a series of unprecedented events, Scouting Ireland finds itself without a Chief Scout. This despite two strong candidates being on hand to take the job up to 24 hours before the meeting of National Council commenced.

The circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of one candidate from the race for Chief Scout and the firm rejection of the other by a majority of delegates at Scouting Ireland’s National Council at the weekend in Dublin’s RDS is something that many members are still trying to fully take in.
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Roller coaster ride


Scouting Ireland’s supreme governing body, National Council, met in Dublin on Saturday. The meeting was perhaps the best chaired National Council to date; official, but not officious, brisk but people got their say, good-humored too.

Delegates perhaps already had an inkling upon arriving that the day was going to be a strange one, but its unlikely anyone could have predicted the events as they unfolded.

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Why Scouting Ireland must support Marriage Equality


Steve Cull

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children this week joined a coalition of organisations under the leadership of BeLongTo, Ireland’s national organisation for LGBT young people, to support a Yes Vote in the forthcoming Marriage Equality Referendum. The ISPCC is collaborating with Barnardos, Foróige, Youth Work Ireland, the Migrant Rights Centre, the Children’s Rights Alliance, Pavee Point, Headstrong and EPIC (Empowering Children in Care) who are all supporting a Yes Vote.

Can you spot a large youth movement that is missing from that list?

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Which T.R.A.I.L to ‘connect’ to?


In less than a week, Scouting Ireland will make an historic vote and one that will set the course for the future of the association for some time to come.

Next weekend, Ireland will not notice a lot. Dublin will be bustling with shoppers as usual. Buses will take on and disgorge passengers at the RDS. Locals (and perhaps some delegates to National Council too) will imbibe pints at ‘Horse Show House’ across from the venue. Nonetheless for Scouting Ireland, Saturday, April 18th will be an important day. The association will choose a new symbolic leader. A new Chief Scout.
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