Freedom of expression in Scouting Ireland (part 1)


A writer with theirishscouter was censored today on the Scouting Ireland Chat Forum. A post was removed and the account was suspended. Before the post is published here (with associated details), in the interests of fairness, a rationale will be sought for the deletion. This is important because a lot of people are talking about transparency and fairness at the moment.

Gagging for it?


More Kafkaesque antics from the small-minded pen pushers who pull the strings of Scouting Ireland’s National Management Committee behind the scenes.

November saw a change to the Standing Orders of that Committee (yawn), except these changes will effectively gag the members of the committee in yet further evidence that whilst most exchequer-funded charities are moving towards greater transparency – the faceless bureaucrats at Scouting Ireland are determined to go in the opposite direction.

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