Freedom of expression in Scouting Ireland (Part 2)


Theirishscouter opposes censorship.

Freedom of speech, even when you do not like what is being said (perhaps especially when you do not like what is being said), should be defended.

The Irish state incorporates the right of freedom of expression into its constitution. Scouting Ireland received €892,872 in grants from the Irish Government in 2013 (source: Scouting Ireland accounts submission to the Companies Registration Office). Should citizens be concerned if a charity accepts exchequer funding but does not appear to uphold the constitution of the state from where that funding originates?

A writer for Theirishscouter had his account on the Scouting Ireland Chat Forum unilaterally suspended last week. There was no due process and no right of reply.

The post offended some people in Scouting Ireland who are powerful and influential. Is making decisions using that criteria an ideal (or fair) way to run a volunteer led, partially state funded charity in a parliamentary democracy? We don’t think it is (but there’s not a lot we can do about it at the moment!)

No further comments will be made on the issue here, because its now clear that to do so could potentially have an unintended impact elsewhere.

Theirishscouter opposes censorship, cronyism, and misuse of power. We don’t believe in unscoutlike behavior however, so we will not be drawn into behaving in the same way. That renders us unable to tackle this issue for now.

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