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A Moot Point


The 2021 World Scout Moot will be in Ireland, hosted by Scouting Ireland. The association won the bid at the recent World Scout Conference in Slovenia.

It will be the first time that a World Scouting Event has ever taken place in our country. We have had many International Events, but this will be different and it has the potential to be very special.

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Do Scouters need a union?

The amiable and popular Chief Commissioner of the Scout Association in the United Kingdom recently highlighted on his blog (link below) the 5% of his time spent dealing with adult related disputes.

Wayne Bulpitt’s demeanor and approach to such disputes is clearly impressive, given many scouters in Ireland involved in managing such disputes might apportion a higher percentage of their time to such pursuits.

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Unhealthy Obsession?


The irish scouter is aware of a ‘Safety Statement’ the result of what has presumably been an exhaustive analysis of the topic of Health & Safety, risk assessment and associated subject matter. It explores and seeks to place a framework around the role of Health & Safety in the context of Scouting, in particular in the context of local Scouting in the community. It runs to more than 30 pages, a weighty tome but nonetheless has, it is understood, been approved for onward circulation to the membership.

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Dublin. At a Crossroads…


Dublin. Capital City of Ireland. A vital hub, politically, logistically, academically, socially. A hotbed of best-practice and, in keeping with major cities everywhere, a liberal bell-weather full of the latest thinking and fresh ideas that regularly challenge the status quo.

Dublin is a city that is full of top-class scout groups. Some of the countries oldest groups are here, as are some of the youngest. The city boasts groups with amazing scout skills, worthy contenders at any Phoenix Competition. It is the home to the Scout Show and supplies a good deal of the talent that enters. It has scout groups that are less handy with knots, but are leadership incubators to rival the best business schools.

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Scouting Ireland’s defunct ‘Vision 2020’ document carefully highlighted the ‘uniformed’ nature of the association. Indeed, it was the second descriptor of the movement and interestingly came before the words ‘movement’, ‘young people’, ‘open to all’ and long before the movements founder Robert Baden Powell got a mention in the opening preamble to what was a widely dispersed document in the lead up to National Council 2014.

One gets the impression that elements in the Scouting Ireland establishment are living in constant fear that ‘uniform’ as a concept will be eliminated just as soon as the wretched liberal (youth orientated) thinkers outnumber all the ‘real’ (traditional) scouts. It will be the end of civilization as we know it!

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