Election Fever


Over the coming weeks, TheIrishScouter will be running a short series of articles in connection with the forthcoming elections in Scouting Ireland for the role of International Commissioner and the critically important election of a new Chief Scout, the latter arising from an extraordinary and unprecedented set of circumstances at the April meeting of Scouting Ireland’s National Council.

Feel free to share your opinions too – this will be an important election (taking place at an extraordinary meeting of Scouting Ireland’s National Council in September 2015).

One thought on “Election Fever”

  1. I did enjoy reading every one’s opinion here but I have two questions.

    1. Pat O’ Connor was talking about 2 uniforms. Has he noticed that this country (like many others) have a high level of unemployment now most families have 2-4 kids so that’s 8 uniforms, 4 rucksacks, 4 sleeping bags and let’s not forget as well also if one or both parents come in as a scouter. Scouting Ireland has increased the registration as well.

    2. Many groups talk about lack of space lack of children and most of lack of leaders. I have seen nothing or heard nothing about how this will be tackled. Not to mention in some cases new ideas are brought to life leaders are asked to volunteer for training and then after that nothing no follow up no re-assessment nothing. What will the new Chief Scout do about this or will anyone.

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